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Tbh I feel like Tera gets half the credit the game actually deserves. I myself play quiet a bit of Tera, and yes, although it is getting dull and boring at times, I will remind you that it is the same thing with almost everything you do in life;
1. Listen to the same song on repeat 50times and you want something new with simular but still different tones and melodies
2. Eat rice everyday for a month and you eventually want to eat some potatoes again.
3. Play tera for a year or two and you want to play something new, and get challenges you havent experienced yet.

Tbh for me it is just natural to get burned out on a game after playing it intensively (I'm the sort of person that will play a game for a month or two then take a break and play another game). I still value every second Ive spent playing Tera (aside from gameforge not being the wisest EU destributors).
If you played BnS and you want a simular (F2P!!!) game I will recommend you to try Tera. 

So I played 3 classes during Cbt in BnS: Berserker, Summoner and BM. I managed to get them all to lvl 20 just to get the feels for Blade & Soul Gold. WHilst I realize this is probably far from the potential of the classes I will still try and compare them to Tera.

Berzerkers feel really slow and clunky and lack combinations that make you feel badass. Compared to the Tera Zerker I will have to give the combat feel of combos and just generally the feel of the class to Tera. This is due to the smoothness of combat. Skills activate alot quicker and smoother on Tera than for BnS zerkers.

Summoner: It was a very cool and different style compared to lets say typical archers or hunters in various other mmos. Definately a class I would keep in the back of my mind for release. Here the skills seemed a little bit more synched and combat was alot more fun than BErserker combat.

Blade Master could be compared to Warrior class in Tera. However, I would still give smoothness of combo executes to Tera. I am not entirey sure what makes the difference (it could be alot of different things) but in terms of the combat system I am still more intrigued by tera than i am for BnS.

What captures me about BnS is the ability to work together with teammates for "combos". Whilst I havent been succesful at executing such an attack with fellow teammates (at least not on purpose) the idea seems genuine and really cool. I am looking forward to this mechanic once I have a better understanding of the game mechanics.

As to the people that havent tried Tera. Give it a shot. I advise you to try lancer (typical tanking class), warrior (can tank and deal damage) or pick up a berzerker or slayer. THose classes will give you the most fun for two weeks of running around Tera waiting for BnS.

Overall comparison: Questing, travelling and locations of activities are a high plus for BnS whilst I would argue that the actual combat system in Tera still is superior to BnS. This being said, I still think the BnS action combat is fun with combos etc, however when you come from Tera the "specialness" of action combat is not so special anymore. A fusion of Tera and BnS, oh gosh, that would be amazing (especially with a decent developer).

So I will be going back to derping around solo'ing dungeons and BAMs in Tera until i can get my hunger stilled for some more BnS action and Story!
I hope I wasn't too biased but I really feel that Tera has gotten worse reviews than they deserve. Just because the EU gaming studio responsible for Tera is garbage, doesnt make the game gabage! 

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