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   Warcamps and Timers in Albion Online [09/01/16 07:32AM]   
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In the current state of the game, a guild only needs a "power team" of 5 players to do all their territory fights. This is boring for all the other members of the guild, and also make it far too easy for the guild to defend huge amounts of territory without many problems. To counteract this, we will make guild vs guild fights more local. 
The global battle vault will be replaced with Albion Online Items. Thus, you character will need to have a battle vault at the zone that is being attacked or that he or she is attacking from, making logistics far more important for guilds that own multiple territories, and also allowing other guilds to try and interrupt their supply chain
At the start of a guild vs guild fight, your character will need to be in the proximity of the fight in order to take part
After having taken part in a guild vs guild fight, for a duration of 24 hours, your character can only enter into another guild vs guild fight if it happens close to the first guild vs guild fight that took place. After 24 hours have passed, that restriction is lifted. 

GvG: Warcamps and Timers

There will be neutral warcamps on the map from which you can attack certain territories, even if your guild does not own one itself yet
If we unlock new territories going forward, they will be intially locked down by a timer, and claiming them will be a channeled cast, in order to allow all guilds a fair shot to claim them

Hellgate Expansion

We feel that our hellgate concept has been a great addition to the game and want to expand on the idea. Here is how:
Offer hell gates for different group sizes - anything from 1vs1 to 50vs50 is thinkable
Offer hell gates with more than two parties, such as 5vs5vs5vs.
Create "hell gates" will different themes - it doesn't always have to be demons, and it doesn't always have to be a lava themed hell

Open World PvP Events

We want to encourage open world PvP while at the same time making sure that it does not automatically turn into a zergfest. Here is how:
At set times of the day, spawn multiple "treasure chests" in the world. These chests are on lockdown of 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, they can be opened, but opening them is a channel cast, taking 3 minutes, that is interrupted by any damage you take and you may need some Albion Online Power Leveling.
Have people fight over the chests until someone prevails
As there will be multiple spawns at the same time, there is a natural incentive for large guilds to split up into smaller groups, trying to take more than one chest. This will naturally prevent the incentive to zerg.
The above idea is not restricted to chests, but could also work with open world bosses, for example.



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Written by: MariaNape | 02/08/17 06:50AM

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