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   Blade And Soul - PvP and PvE Rewards and Ideas [29/12/15 07:07AM]   
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Hey Guys let me know what you think about some of these ideas and if you have an idea just comment! Make sure to tell others it so NCSOFT looks at in and considers all of out ideas!

So I really hope that they put in awesome PvP rewards to make PvP worth playing more often. They should put at least 3 reward costumes and weapon skins to choose from once you reach Silver, Blade & Soul Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. They all should increase in quality so people like us can look cool and show off our PvP skills. Also I understand that they are going to eventually put in 6v6 for NA but I really want them to put in larger battlegrounds like 10v10 too, and also give an option to queue into rated battlegrounds, which also should give rewards based on rating. Last but not least I really enjoy the fact they you can join a arena lobby with a chat but I really wish you could look at skills or the wardrobe while your in it.

I don't have a ton if Ideas about PvE but I really hope that they add enough content to keep people busy and able to continue to enjoy the game. By content I mean more dungeons being released more often. Blade and Soul has a big advantage over other MMO's because when they release in NA they have 4 years of experience, dungeons, and many more ideas. Because of this they are capable of giving out new content more often. Also, I really want to see more rewards for dungeon achievements. Any Ideas on what those should be let's hear it! Oh and we need Hongmoon Levels on release or close to it! Please!




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