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   Blade & Soul in Korea - the 9th Class [22/12/15 02:33AM]   
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NCSoft updated Blade & Soul‘s Korean version on December 16th to add the game’s previously teased 9th class, the Soul Fighter. This is part of the large “The Great Journey” update which even has its own teaser website.

A hybrid of the Kung Fu Master and Force Master, the Soul Fighter can deal explosive damage from a melee and ranged distance, as well as heal allies from across an arena. The Soul Fighter is only available for the Gon and Kun races.

Also added in this update is a new continent, dungeon, bosses, and NPCs. The main storyline continues with Julia having captured the young Jin Seo-Yeon and you’ll have new allies join you as you try to rescue her.

The new region is known as Cloud Kingdom and includes Destiny Palace, a slum, the Coral Lagoon, the Forgotten Forest, the Black Dragon Cult HQ, and more locations.

The new dungeon has three new stone giant bosses to take on as you can see pictured above.

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Полагаю это достойно почтения и или более того. Достаточно популярная тема, было бы увлекательно поговорить об отраженном здесь. :( центр москва ремонт холодильников Еще говорим про Blade & Soul in Korea - the 9th Class здесь
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