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   Riders of Icarus: unique monster exists in the dungeons [12/07/16 03:48AM]   
Thank you!
From Elite upwards, a unique monster exists in the dungeons that can be tamed, the higher the difficulty, the harder it is to tame said monsters.

There is also a Mushin Tower esque dungeon in the game, where you are given a new floor each time with a random encounter each time which gets harder and harder each floor, and you are rewarded with loot the higher you go to Buy Riders of Icarus Gold. This can only be done once a day though, so make the best of it!

ALL mounts can be turned into mini pets that fight for you also! But again, this costs for the higher up you get!

Here are some screenshots of me, currently! I don't have much, but there's quite a few to see.

Here is my Imgur album since my Gyazo links don't work
NA/EU are in CBT at the moment, so it's a few months out with Cheap Riders of Icarus Gold, but I just wanted to grab some attention for this game since there seems to be very little marketing for the game itself.

EDIT: Look like I forgot the cons of this game, one second let me paste that below.
The game has a lot to offer to a person who enjoys all aspects of a game. The main problem and con of the game, is the problem with it's questing system. It's questing system and leveling system is probably one of the longest I've seen for a while.

As soon as you start to quest, you start to see problems with the questing system. You enter a new town, and are given a bunch of quests to head into a specific area. Once you head into the area and do the 3/4 quests of the area, you head back to town satisfied with your haul. You give in everything and pick up the next quests, to see that you have to head into the same area... again. So you do that, most of the times it different mobs, but sometimes you need to kill the same mob type once or twice. Sometimes, this is repeated once more before you head into the next town.
Around the level 30 areas, the mobs start to get big, and tanky and hit hard. This may be because I am an Assassin, but the quests started to take Riders of Icarus Gold. And this doesn't let up, however. the worst part of this game is definitely the slow leveling and the questing system which makes you run all over the place.

The story, however, is somewhat decent. It's nothing worth shouting about, but it's better than most and keeps things interesting for certain.




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