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   Having memes and images spammed every 1-2 seconds in ToS [29/06/16 03:31AM]   
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I've been on a large amount of discords in the past and I've found that they either aren't active enough, or they're too many Tree Of Savior Silver. Having memes and images spammed every 1-2 seconds makes having a real conversation quite difficult. So I've set out to create a Discord where people can have general conversations that are moderated to prevent spam and what not.

Our community actively contributes world boss timers for both Klaipeda and Orsha, something that not too many other discords have on lockdown. We also have a very active and organized marketplace for both servers, as well as a compendium of useful information.

I didn't bother to create a gorgeous post and super fancy images because I don't believe that fluff is necessary to run a great community. We keep it simple and to the point, and I believe the current non-cancerous / organized / well-moderated chat reflects that.

We are now allowing guild leaders to put up 7 day advertisement/recruitment posts in our new guild recruitment channel! These advertisements are first-come first-serve and you have the full ability to control what shows up there (as long as it follows our rules with TOS Silver). *We believe that this will be beneficial to both players who are looking for a guild, as well as guilds who are looking for members.

I'm in multiple TOS discords and I've yet to see anyone from this one troll others. The only nuisance I've seen on any TOS discord... there was someone from ToS Community that messaged people in Mindy's trying to get them to join that one instead... I didn't even know Discord poaching was a thing until that. Her discord has over 250 people online at any given time. She can't control the entire community outside of her server. That's why those other Discords can ban. And she can ban people from hers if they get out of line.

Of course the snapshots seem ideal. Why would she take pictures of mundane chat?

Honestly, the first thing I noticed when I entered this server was the guild tab. My first thought was "this was most likely a guild discord that turned into a community discord." That's really not that uncommon in MMO games. Back in FF11 my guild's forums became a popular community hang out for my server.

This is your second negative reply on this post. If you have a problem with Mindy or Elysium, then say that and keep it there. But there is absolutely nothing wrong with this Discord or the way it's being run. I'm on Klaipeda so this server doesn't help me all that much in-game and I don't know who Mindy is outside of the discord to Buy TOS Silver. My only bias here is that a user on this server helped me out a lot when I first started playing, before I found a server with more Klai.




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