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   Blade & Soul: Chengun is the best NPC [13/05/16 05:26AM]   
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Now I know why your patches take ages. As a massive lore *safe bns gold*, I enjoy listening to the story and how the NPC's react.

Obviously the NPC's in Silverfrost were a bit... tame?
Soha - Sounded like a cheap Texas porn star
Junghado - Badass to Pre-school teacher in one patch
Yu Chan - His dialogue didn't even match with that was on the screen and frustrated me.

I know a lot of people skip the speeches but for more BNS Gold, I enjoy reading them to see if I am missing parts of the story.
Now if you redo the Silverfrost story it's..
Soha - Back to her old voice
Junghado - Gone back to badass unless we stand near him
Yu Chan - *cricket*ing badass voice.

Now to the but.

The only thing that bothers me is what the hell happened before we joined the Hongmoon School? We were only there for three years, past all the other students and end up becoming the savory ( I know I spelt it wrong)of the world. Will we get these bits put into the blade and soul gold hack? I love the Dochun origin and the music that came with it plus how the Eight Masters sacrifice themselves (Cries in Spanish) but I feel this story has massive holes in it(Even the anime doesn't really explain what happened before you joined the school).

So basically, keep up the good work with the voice actors and please introduce origin stories to some of the characters.

P.s. Also Chengun is the best NPC in this game. He needs a standalone game




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