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   Albion Online: the Flaws of New Continent Layout [11/07/16 11:04AM]   
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The Royal Islands are a nice thought. A place to introduce players to the game, and let those who do not like PvP much live relatively peaceful. But as a stepping stone to the outlands and the hardcore game, isn’t it a little odd how the criminal system seems to make PvP’ing completely impossible. It seems to me like the only people that will be able to really PvP in the Royal...


   Removing alliances and capping guilds in Albion Online [06/07/16 05:43AM]   
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Why is it futile and why is it a bad idea? Theres no limit really, its just 1 less in game mechanic that helps zergging. Removing alliances and capping guilds doesnt limit the size of ur guild or doesnt mean u cant ally Albion Online Gold. It would just make it harder to play...


   Albion Online: I'm on the side of the OP [21/06/16 04:55AM]   
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Oddly enough, I'm on the side of the OP here but for completely different reasons. I know enough GM's to know that abuse of power isn't even an option for them so that doesn't concern me. From the side of "they get upfront knowledge before the rest of the server" is true but I'm on the same developer round table as them (and a lot of other guild leaders) so that's not an issue...


   Albion Online Beta Extended [11/01/16 07:26AM]   
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Sandbox Interactive CEO Stefan Wiezorek has announced that the closed beta for upcoming MMO Albion Online will be extended until “at least” August 1, 2016, and confirmed that the game is longer being planned for a free-to-play model at launch.

Wiezorek announced the changes on the game’s official forums in a post called “Road to Release.” He emphasized...


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