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   Albion Online: the Criminal Camps [14/07/16 11:27AM]   
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With the inclusion of the Crime system to AO. I have a few thoughts, AO is becoming more like eve (no complaint there), however, there are somethings that could be added to make things fun for the people who choose to be criminals in order to make the system dynamic.
Some Issues:
1.)There will just be alt accounts. In order...


   Riders of Icarus: unique monster exists in the dungeons [12/07/16 03:48AM]   
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From Elite upwards, a unique monster exists in the dungeons that can be tamed, the higher the difficulty, the harder it is to tame said monsters.

There is also a Mushin Tower esque dungeon in the game, where you are given a new floor each time with a random encounter each time which gets harder and harder each floor, and you are rewarded with loot the...


   Albion Online: the Flaws of New Continent Layout [11/07/16 11:04AM]   
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The Royal Islands are a nice thought. A place to introduce players to the game, and let those who do not like PvP much live relatively peaceful. But as a stepping stone to the outlands and the hardcore game, isnít it a little odd how the criminal system seems to make PvPíing completely impossible. It seems to me like the only people that will be able to really PvP in the Royal...


   Removing alliances and capping guilds in Albion Online [06/07/16 05:43AM]   
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Why is it futile and why is it a bad idea? Theres no limit really, its just 1 less in game mechanic that helps zergging. Removing alliances and capping guilds doesnt limit the size of ur guild or doesnt mean u cant ally Albion Online Gold. It would just make it harder to play...


   Having memes and images spammed every 1-2 seconds in ToS [29/06/16 03:31AM]   
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I've been on a large amount of discords in the past and I've found that they either aren't active enough, or they're too many Tree Of Savior Silver. Having memes and images spammed every 1-2 seconds makes having a real conversation quite difficult. So I've set out to create a Discord where people can have general conversations that are moderated to prevent spam and what not.



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